Accredited Care Certificate From 1st April 2015

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As an Accredited training provider, we have the Brand New ‘Accredited Care Certificate’, which comes into force on April 1st.

This means that Care Providers across England will need to ensure that any New Staff they Employ have completed the ‘Care Certificate’ within the first 12 weeks of Employment, which is ready for launch on April 1st!

In accordance with the Skills for Health, NHS England and Skills for Care Guidelines, the Care Certificate includes the following for each learner:
All 15 Standards Online Learning Courses, which records the knowledge required for each standard.
Work Based Competency Assessment Documents, covering each standard so as learners are able to provide the ‘on the job’ evidence whilst working with their Assessor/ Mentor.
Each Learner will be provided with an Online Personal Development Plan, similar to an e-Portfolio, which will record any learning, development, training etc they complete, which will belong to the learner. This then enables the learner to transfer the ‘Care Certificate’ to other employers which is part of the guidelines, if required.
The Care Certificate’ is 100% compliant, accredited and designed to meet the NEW guidelines for all Care Workers and Care Providers.

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