12 stereotypes about the grounds maintenance industry that aren't always true baner

12 Stereotypes About The Grounds Maintenance Industry That Aren’t Always True

12 Stereotypes About The Grounds Maintenance Industry That Aren’t Always True


1 – It is Male-Dominated

Any job that involves physical labour has a reputation for being a male-dominated sector. Times have changed, and there are many opportunities for females working within grounds maintenance, as well as those already in existing jobs.

2 – Bidding Encourages Low Costs

Bidding takes place for many large contracts, which some people think is the best way to go about things as it will encourage lower quotes. A good grounds maintenance business will not bend over backwards to get a contract.

3 – Cash in Hand

Many people think landscapers work for cash in hand, which needn’t be declared. Those days in any respectable job are over, and anyone working in grounds maintenance or landscaping will have their earnings declared through the books.

4 – Foreign Workers

Whether it is foreign workers thinking they can find the work without a permit, or people assuming that there will be mostly foreign workers in landscaping, this is wrong. Grounds maintenance companies must ensure all workers are legally entitled to work in the UK.

5 – It is Hard Work, Physically

Grounds maintenance work can be very physical, however, this does not mean that those who are less than fit cannot take a role within the sector. There are many roles within this industry that require all sorts of skills.

6 – You Need to Know About Gardening

Your role in grounds maintenance can be anything from laying chip stones, putting up fencing, or pruning trees. It is not all about plants, and training is usually provided in an area you venture into.

7 – Most are Just Average

People who have not come across a good grounds maintenance company before may think that there is very little to tell each one apart, expecting all businesses to be much the same. When it comes to any business, not all are created equal, and only the best should be employed.

8 – Over Charging

There are horror stories in every industry of customers being over-charged for work. This is less likely to happen with a reputable grounds maintenance company, however, if you want to be sure it is best to gather some quotes from rival businesses.

9 –  You should be into Plants

Grounds maintenance is so much more than plants and planting, although this is a part of it. Unless you are an expert, you will not be required to select the planting or undergo any specialist pruning. If this is an area you would like to know more about though – this is the perfect industry for you.

10 – It’s all about the Money

Not all landscaping and grounds maintenance businesses are in it solely for the money. Many have green issues at heart and focus on sustainable ways of working.

11 – They are Always Green

Just like some companies focus on green credentials, some grounds maintenance companies do focus much more on money than they do the environment.

12 – There Aren’t Enough Jobs

Grounds maintenance is one area which is usually crying out for new workers but actually find it hard to find skilled people. We have a dedicated page for those who are looking to find the right ground maintenance staff that match their requirements. Alternatively, if you would like to find out more about working in grounds maintenance, there are many agencies you can sign up with for this sector.