15 Stereotypes About Grounds maintenance industry That may not be Factual Always

The service to maintain greenery and landscaping of the grounds needs skills and training, besides the work experience. The ground maintenance business and employment therein have immense possibilities. At the same time, there are multiple stereotypes tagged to this industry that are far-fetched. Here are a few stereotypes and their explanations that straighten the facts:

  1. Knowledge about gardening is necessary– The maintenance of plants or grass is one major part of gardening. But to facilitate, highlight, and protect, other skills are required such as putting up fences, pruning trees, fixing tiles on pathways, chip stones laying, etc. So, multiple talents are required for garden maintenance.
  2. Male Domination in the trade– The maintenance work of gardening requires physical hard work that earlier called for the robust male involvement. There is a huge difference now, firstly many women can work hard too. Secondly, there are many other ground-maintenance jobs that women can do equivalently, if not better than men. Besides, there are hi-tech machines employed that infuses ease in the working.
  3. Cost-effective quotes by bids- There is a misconception that when the bidding is called, the rates quoted would be lower than when dealt across the counter. The reputed ground maintenance companies do business on the terms they are accustomed to and maintain certain standards. Moreover, their rates are usually competitive keeping the viability factor in the forefront.
  4. The motive is to earn undeclared Cash– There is a common notion that the ground maintenance companies take their payments in cash because they do not want to declare and be liable for taxation. Contrary to the popular belief, nowadays every business declares the received payment in the books because declaring the payment is more beneficial for the companies to enhance their goodwill and financial standing, as they can secure bank loans for their business conveniently.
  5. Only the hardworking workers are fit for this– The ground maintenance job needs harder physical contribution and only fit people can work here is not entirely true. There is so much to do in this field that if someone is not supremely fit, it still can contribute to the assigned work well. There are scores of other jobs that need skills rather than muscle power.
  6. Foreign workers for more profits– Most ground maintenance companies ensure that no foreign worker should work for them without a proper permit. Most people have a belief that the foreign workers are employed for landscaping work on lower wages as they are not legal workers. Most ground maintenance companies are law-abiding and work as per rules.
  7. Riding on the same Bandwagon– Many people have an opinion that all ground maintenance companies are at-par in performances without checking their past record. Probably they are ill-informed, or their previous experiences ground maintenance companies were not very positive. Since everyone has the manpower with unique skill sets and management acumen, look for the best one based on their past milestones and present setup.
  8. Over Charging Stories– The stories are making rounds that garden maintenance companies do overcharge. This complaint is always heard in all industries, but mostly where the rates agreement is not done before the work commencement. Always take quotes from a couple of companies and place work orders accordingly. This is always better to talk about costs before the work is ordered.
  9. Knowledge about plants needed– Ground maintenance is a different ball game, it’s not just about the plants. The plants are merely one aspect of it. There are many other jobs that one can acquire skills for by learning. This includes creative pruning, a skill that has a huge scope and in much demand.
  10. Money is the motto– Although money makes the world go around, it is not necessarily the motto to drive all in the garden maintenance business. There are many who care about the environment and work accordingly to not disturb the ecosystem.
  11. Experience is enough for clinching the deal- Despite the best qualification, experience, and past achievements one would let the competitors grab the contracts. It’s all boils down to one skill, narration. While making an offer, persuasive marketing language need to be written to win the contract. One with good business writing skills could fit fine in the ground maintenance companies’ setup.
  12. Not enough jobs– Ground maintenance has a lot of potentials for the workforce to be employed, although these companies complain regarding lack of skilled force. If anyone is interested to work in a ground maintenance company, there are many agencies that facilitate them. Not only to get a job in one of those companies but the right training to acquire appropriate skills.
  13. Apprentices are not a solution for skilled workers– The shortage of skilled workers in ground maintenance is evident. The main reason being the unavailability of skilled workers. After Brexit, the future of migrant workers seems obscure, but the experts believe the apprentices can acquire the skills soon with the right training and their dedicated work.
  14. Qualification is enough– Requirement for a horticulturist’s job at any garden and landscaping maintenance company is not limited to the qualification a candidate has, but much more than that. A reputed company surely would prefer a good many years of experience behind the candidate and reputed brand representation in addition to, other prerequisites such as driving license and expertise to operate machines.
  15. Winters in the UK are hard for work- The weeding and grass cutting besides watering and maintaining the landscapes in winters could be a hard task but feasible for a dedicated and disciplined worker. One needs to start early in the darkness of early morning hours, as the days are shorter and dusk falls sooner than one can imagine. The workers and employers can negotiate on facilities like vehicles and gears to withstand the extreme cold. The workers too can be compensated to work in such conditions.

The ground maintenance industry is an evergreen field with continuous workflow. Therefore, keep aside the above 15 stereotypes about the ground maintenance industry that may not be factual always and create a bright future in this field!