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A day in the life of a Landscape Gardener

A day in the life of a Landscape Gardener

There are two sides to the job of a Landscape Gardener: there is the design side and then what can perhaps best be described as the building side of the job.  For anyone who loves the outdoors and has a passion for creativity then a day in the life of a landscape gardener is a superb day all round.

What is a Landscape Gardener?

A Landscape Gardener takes care of the entire picture of a garden: from planning the structure (the walls, fences, ponds, trellises) to the actual plants that will reside in the garden. The role involves having both a creative and practical mindset in order to create functional and beautiful gardens.  A typical day in the life of a landscape gardener could see a variety of different tasks, each requiring different skills and experience. The only way to describe a day in the life of a landscape gardener is to split the job in two.


The design aspect of the landscape gardening job is diverse.  A typical day could see a homeowner request a redesign of a garden or a garden design job could be out on tender. Designing and estimating the cost of a garden design are two halves of the design aspect in a landscape gardeners day.

A set of plans may be provided and simple costs to plant and create the garden required may be asked for. This will require contacting suppliers and of course having an understanding of how to read plans.

It may be that a landscape gardener is asked to create a new garden. This requires creativity and again design and plan reading or drawing skills. Understanding what plants and other materials will work in a particular garden is also important, it is all well and good suggesting roses be planted if the soil type or location of the garden cannot or will not support roses.


Being able to design or quote on an amazing garden or landscape is one thing but being able to deliver the end result is another altogether. Unlike just an ordinary gardener who has existing grounds to work on and maintain a landscape gardener has a blank canvas.  The hard work of transforming one patch of land into a masterpiece of a garden is the most enjoyable part of the landscape gardeners day to day job.

Seeing a design, understanding the plan, knowing what needs planting where or constructing here and doing it or partnering with someone who can do it is all part of the job. Teamwork is very often the biggest part of a landscape gardeners day.

But the day of a landscape gardener goes beyond just creating a new, fantastic garden.  The vast majority of the time for many landscape gardeners is spent in maintaining or even improving the garden designs they have created. Working around the year to a plan that keeps the garden or landscape looking at its best in any of the four seasons is a major part of the job.

Each day for a landscape gardener can be very different, designing one day, paving the next and checking drainage in the morning and soil types in the afternoon. A Landscape Gardener rarely has a chance to get bored and of course, each and every day is very much determined by the weather.

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