a day in the life of an apprentice gardener

A day in the life of an apprentice gardener

A day in the life of an apprentice gardener

Gardening for many is a joyful hobby, but for others, it is a job. Like many outdoor jobs gardening becomes a way of life rather than just a thing to do for work and many of the best gardeners today started out as an apprentice gardener.

Apprentice for some people has a stigma attached to it, and in gardening, this can easily be seen as a dogs body. However, an apprentice gardener is far from someone just to give the jobs to that nobody likes, an apprentice gardener is about passing on the tips, tricks and advice that make gardening a dream career. Sure, there will be those jobs nobody likes and the apprentice may often get more of these than his or her fair share but everyone has to start somewhere.

A day in the life of an apprentice gardener starts very much like any other gardener and in the right apprenticeship, the apprentice will be seen as a valuable pair of extra hands to make the day’s work go faster or bring about a better ending. An apprentice gardener is in the job to learn, very often working for a few days a week and spending the others at college bringing both classroom and practical training together.

The day of an apprentice gardener is often very dependent on the weather, but there are plenty of jobs that can be done inside when the rain is bucketing down. Depending on the place of work, whether at a large established public garden or perhaps a gardening services company the duties will vary. Each day will start early to maximise daylight and the seasons always determine what work needs to be done where.

Under the guidance of an experienced professional gardener, the apprentice will be taught the basics of gardening and given insight into the job. Covering everything from tool and machinery management, maintenance and use all the way through to seasonal flower or vegetable bed planning could all be part of any ordinary day. Many tasks will become routine and these will remain routine and as an apprentice, it is vital to learn these “habits”  to make your career successful.

As an apprentice gardener, you should ideally be exposed to a wide variety of tasks that include physical or manual labour as well as the administrative side of the gardener’s job. Working alongside another gardener, as a pair or in a team is all part of the apprentice gardeners day, being sent out alone until fully competent.  Any job from mulching and weeding, to lawn mowing to pest control, will be taught “hands-on”  on a daily basis making the apprentice a soon to be very valuable, a well-skilled gardener that anyone would wish to employ.

An apprentice gardener is the perfect way to earn and learn simultaneously in an industry where there are significant growth and opportunity.