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A Day in the life of an Arborist

A day in the life of an Arborist

Its one of those jobs that many people admire,  men and women up to a tree, on a rope, wearing safety gear and holding a chainsaw.  The job seems dangerous, and it is, but for a qualified and experienced arborist this is the life they choose.

A Day in the life of an arborist is nearly always driven by the weather; there are times when it is just too dangerous to be up a tree with a chainsaw. Seasons determine the typical day too,  trees and shrubs need trimming and pruning at specific times of year to promote or inhibit growth and knowing this is all part of the arborist’s trade.

A lot of work for arborists is often tree or stump removal along with general tree maintenance.  Arborists prefer to work in teams, mainly for safety,  with each member of the team knowing their role. One of the most important jobs in any day for an arborist is the preparing and maintaining the tools and equipment, safety for an arborist is of paramount importance.  At both the beginning and end of the day all tools and equipment are checked and where necessary maintained.

Every day for an arborist can be different; weather plays a significant role not in just being able to work what work is needed to be done. Storm damage can be an arborist’s best friend if he wants a busy day.

Being an arborist is a very physical job and nearly every day will involve climbing trees. Often working alongside other landscapers the role of an arborist is specialist and in demand. Understanding how to fell a tree safely and even if the tree, depending on species, can be felled is an important part of the job. Understanding rules and regulations such as local bylaws or housing boundaries become part of everyday discussions.

There are elements of being an arborist that are not all ropes and chainsaws. Pest control, tree moving and soil maintenance for trees are all important parts of the job. The arborist’s job is not just to cut down trees but also nurture them and grow them.

A good proportion of the day for an arborist is spent planning and discussing tree related matters. Meeting with homeowners, town planner and other people who have trees that need maintaining is an important job. Another aspect of the daily routine for an arborist is traffic control, many trees often need maintenance near or on roads, this requires careful planning and team coordination.

Of course, the bit that no one likes is the tidying up after a job, but this is the most important part. Leaving the site of the tree surgery clean, tidy and safe is the hallmark of a good arborist. Knowing how to dispose of the branches and foliage is also an important part of the job. This work often comes at the end of a very physically demanding day and yet for many arborists is the most satisfying.