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What you need to know about xylella?

What you need to know about xylella?There is a so-called “Garden Killer” on the loose in Europe. Xylella or to be precise, Xyllella Fastidiosa is a bacteria that attacks and quite literally kills a variety of plants, in fact it affects over 350 different types of plants. The disease has spread rapidly throughout Europe and […]

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What a career in horticulture looks like

What a career in horticulture looks likeThe very mention of the word Horticulture when it comes to careers creates an instant image of people mowing lawns and pruning roses for many. Horticulture is one of the oldest professions, closely linked in some ways to agriculture, and is a sector of the career world that few […]

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Horticulture Recruitment Solutions In Harlow

By Horticulture

The UK horticulture industry is expanding all the time, with increasing numbers of people looking to use outside spaces to relax and unwind. We all appreciate when the outside of public buildings like schools and colleges are well-maintained, and thousands of families flock to National Trust and English sites in the spring and summer. Keeping […]

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