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Common Misconceptions About The Grounds Maintenance Industry

Common Misconceptions About The Grounds Maintenance Industry

Grounds Maintenance is an industry that people know quite well and it has been around for many years. However, there are some misconceptions that need clarification and here are some of them.

Not just lawn mowing

When it comes to grounds maintenance, many property owners just see the task as cutting the grass. Grounds maintenance is far more than just mowing the lawns. Because lawn mowing is perhaps the most visible part of the job, it is understandable why this is so. Grounds maintenance involves a wide variety of tasks that ensure the gardens or grounds are maintained well.

Grounds maintenance can involve structural work such as painting or small building repairs. Today the industry has to focus on a number of things, some of which are regulated. Chemical use on beds and lawns has to be carefully considered, overflow into drains or streams needs to be taken seriously. Grounds maintenance is far more diverse and involved than many imagine.

Not just a Job

Mowing lawns and keeping a garden tidy is a job anyone can do but grounds maintenance goes far beyond that. Today many Grounds Maintenance companies employ well-educated and well-trained staff who may well have specialist areas of expertise. Some may have lawn care skills, drainage knowledge or expert understanding of flowers. For effective grounds maintenance solid expertise, knowledge and skills have to be in place even if only for oversight or behind the scenes on larger contracts. On-going training and up skilling happens daily.

All year round

Grounds Maintenance is an all year round task. Sure, the lawn mowing is less visible in winter months but other tasks are needed to ensure the grounds of a building or residence are kept healthy, looking good and safe. Winter months may see pruning, the season provides the best time to unblock gutters, in fact keeping gutters and drains clear is a vital part of the job all year round.

Just because it is raining or snowing, it does not mean that grounds maintenance is not taking place. Very often winter is a period where more time is needed to maintain a garden or outside space, especially in more public spaces.

Costs are involved

One of the big misconceptions is that Grounds Maintenance is easy money. This is far from the truth as there are considerable costs involved. Take the ever present and visible lawn mowing for example. The costs involved with this simple task mount up fast with fuel, labour and maintenance soon eating into any profit margin.

Professional Grounds Maintenance companies often have regulatory requirements that must be adhered to. To meet these regulations costs are involved, however this does separate one company from another as those who take what they do seriously will comply. One of the misconceptions is that a more costly service is just making profit; actually they are more than likely saving you money in the long run.

Work is not created on purpose

An old misconception is that the grounds maintenance industry is out to create work for themselves and charge for unnecessary work. Thankfully, there are more reputable grounds maintenance companies and there are codes of conduct that must be followed.  Tree felling for example is an area of expertise where professionals must be used and all safety aspects have to be considered.

Looking for work or creating work on purpose is frowned upon by grounds maintenance professionals. Yes, jobs or tasks do come up but they are not made to arise and a professional grounds maintenance company may well have many eventualities covered in a contract. The days of mowing slowly to create more work are over, the job is quoted at a number of hours and that is how long it should take. Grounds Maintenance companies are not out to take customers for a ride.

Above all the Grounds Maintenance industry has become and is a very trustworthy industry. People have become better skilled and the work undertaken is being done better than ever before.  Grounds Maintenance has become a very professional industry and one that has the best interests of every customer at heart.

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