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5 tips for hiring new staff during a pandemic

In these uncertain times, hiring a new employee can be tedious and time-consuming. You are faced with the ongoing battle of making sure COVID regulations are met within the workplace while battling through hundreds of CV’s, scheduling interviews and making sure the hiring process is in-line with the regulations. This not only makes finding new staff more difficult for your business but can also put you off hiring altogether. 

Here are some tips on managing this process:

Considering Positions

Before beginning the hiring process, check that your business can sustain additional staff. Refer back to your cash flow, and consider flexible and vital positions.

With the uncertainty your business is facing, your new flexible and vital staff can be moved around and adjusted should anything unexpected occur.

Roles within the hiring process

If you are a bigger company, the hiring process should be a collaboration between HR and the direct line manager of your new staff. This way you can ensure that everyone’s needs are met whilst complying with the regulations. Human resources are the first point of call for COVID regulations and hiring for many companies.  The direct line manager has more of an idea of what skills and experience are needed to fulfil the role. By working together,  your team can find new talent while complying with regulations to keep everybody safe.

However, you may be HR, direct line manager and many more hats if you are a small business. In this case, make sure you are checking all regulations and asking for advice where necessary.

Meeting Covid Regulations

Firstly, you need to ensure all the COVID Regulations are met if anyone is visiting or attending your place of work. This is a vital step in protecting everyone who works for your business and their families.

Confirm that the candidate has no symptoms and is at no risk of contracting COVID. It is also important that you are aware that all your staff have no symptoms, have not contracted COVID and that the safety of your new staff is secure.

Online Interviews

Why not move your interviewing process online? Online interviews save you time and are a cost-efficient method of finding talented individuals. Due to the pandemic, there is a surge of video calling services.  Google meet and Zoom are two of the many popular videos calling programs that can enable your business to conduct interviews safely online. You can have multiple people in the call and can conduct interviews with other members of staff. This method allows you to interview potential candidates and evaluate if they are a fit for your businesses without risking yourself and other staff members.

Training & Trial Days

Any training that can be done online or via webcam should be done so as it is a safer alternative. But with the landscaping, horticultural and grounds maintenance sector being such a hands-on role, your candidates must be seen in person, to demonstrate their skills. When organising trial days or face-to-face interviews, ensure that people are socially distancing themselves, washing and sanitizing their hands and are using the correct PEE, when necessary I.E facemasks should wear when being in an enclosed area with other people. 

And there you have it! Some key points to consider and tips on the hiring process during this uncertain time. For any recruitment solutions or staffing advice Call us on  02037702020 or reach us via our Get in touch page!