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How To Find The Right Staff For This Grounds Maintenance Season

How To Find The Right Staff For This Grounds Maintenance Season

Every season in the UK brings with it a fresh set of grounds maintenance jobs. As a business of any size, you may require some kind of grounds maintenance staff; be you a public or private grounds maintenance business, a hotel, golf course, or other. But, it can prove tricky in finding skilled grounds staff that fit the job in hand. At HL Services who are a member of the British Association Of Landscape Industries (BALI), we will help you to find the right staff for this grounds maintenance season.

Create the Job

Firstly, if you haven’t already, note down your exact requirements in order to create a job opening with detail. By creating a detailed job description, you will then get a clearer picture of what you require from your grounds maintenance staff, and ultimately this will help choose and attract the right outdoor worker for your business. Write a detailed list of what exactly needs done by the staff you are looking to recruit, how often and how long it should take. Ask yourself if they need anything in addition to qualifications and experience, such as a driving licence or their own tools. Lastly, consider how many hours you require, and how many staff, and the rate of pay (consider that lower wages may only bring lesser experienced individuals). This will make life easier when you then come to recruit grounds maintenance staff for the season.

Consider the Season

You have the job description, but then you need to include the details of the season. If it is Winter grounds staff you are looking for, the candidates should consider their personal travel provisions in cases of severe weather, and the employer should consider darker mornings, shorter days, and days when no work may be able to take place at all. When hiring Summer grounds maintenance staff, bear in mind that grass cutting and weeding will require attention at a much faster rate than other seasons, and longer days are a good opportunity to work longer hours in order to complete jobs faster. Grounds maintenance for any specific season depends heavily on where you are located in the country, and this is an aspect specific to your business that will have to be met with the right staff too.

Recruit Staff the Easy Way

An established grounds maintenance recruitment service, such as HL Services, will make finding the right grounds staff an easy and efficient process. HL Services offer highly skilled groundsmen to businesses, short or long term, making it the perfect way to find yourself the right grounds staff for your business. Presenting a specialist recruitment company with details of your staff requirements will mean that you can get the best, highly skilled grounds maintenance workers, without having to search – they will come to you. In fact, the candidates will be carefully chosen by our recruitment experts, in order to perfectly meet your needs as a business. All you have to do is give HL Services a call on 0203 770 2021, and discuss your requirements for finding grounds maintenance staff this season.