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How to recruit the employees that will skyrocket in your company

How to recruit the employees that will skyrocket in your company

As a successful manager, you need to understand the recruitment process in your company. It is well known that one bad person hired can be an expensive mistake that costs time and money that has now been wasted. This one and hire can have a negative impact on staff morale too.

Here are some top tips on how to hire those employees that will excel in your company and help your company grow. Knowing how to spot the qualities of a potential top performer in the next person you recruit at the interview stage is important that these tips make help you.

Where are the good potential employees?

Finding the pool of awesome people to apply for your vacant positions is the key to hiring employees who will thrive in your company, and they can generally all be found in the following ways:

The online job boards – easy to access and often free to use sites such as Monster, Glassdoor and LinkedIn are full of jobs and people to fill them. The downside to these places is that many chancers just don’t meet the requirements of the position vacant.

Focused online job boards – there are a number of job boards online that focus on specific industries or types of job. These websites have good volumes of potential candidates trawling them, and you could strike gold.

Internal Referrals – One of the best places to find great people is via those already in your employ. Nearly everyone knows someone who would be or could be a great person for your company to employ.

Your little black  book – your own professional network can bring a number of superb candidates to the surface who would be an ideal fit for your business especially when it comes to management positions

Recruitment companies – using a recruitment company that handles your industry can reduce pressure and find outstanding future employees.

How to recruit properly

There are countless variables to consider when recruiting any potential staff member and for this reason, recruitment is not at straightforward and might be imagined. Every position is unique, and no two roles are the same as are no two candidates. The more experienced and skilled a person is the more compensation they will expect and demand and they don’t care whether the market or economy is buoyant or not… they know their worth! The top candidates with the right skills and right experience are hard to find and because the unemployment rate for these people is much lower than the general unemployment rate you are often competing with two or three other employers trying to secure the same person. You need to be sharp!

Posting a vacant position is nowhere near enough when it comes to finding the absolute best employees. Plenty of preparation, clear intention and perfect execution of the process are all required to recruit the best person for the job. Ideally, a company should have a dedicated recruiter, HR department or an outsourced recruitment company that manages the recruitment process. Here are some steps to follow to help you recruit an employee properly and well:

What are you real and actual requirements?

When putting a hiring strategy together, you need to consider the big picture and take a close look at your business and staffing structure. You need to create a flexible staffing strategy that will work for the whole business that includes the consideration of the balance of full-time and part-time employees.

Where will your vacancy be promoted?

Thought must be put into where the position will be promoted and advertised. Do you have a budget in mind for promotion?  Don’t forget to promote the opening internally.

How do you judge or grade candidates?

It is essential to fairly evaluate all the candidates and be able to select which is best for an interview. Setting some criteria that should be or must be met is vital, and each must be evaluated equally.

Interview the best candidates

Every interview counts and having a structure for the interview is vital. You need a strategy and a set of questions that will ensure you get the information you need most from each candidate. Only interview the best candidates that you think will fit in and potentially excel.

Hire Quickly

The best talent will get snapped up quickly and therefore making a fast decision is important. By keeping the hiring process short and to the point you stand the best chance of getting the right person, however, don’t be hasty and rush the process. You will find the right place.

Make an offer

It is important to check references before any offer is made. Set a salary or package range that you are happy to negotiate within and be prepared for a little toing a froing.

Benefits of using a professional recruitment agency

Any company can employ a person but employing the best is difficult. A recruitment agency nearly always yields the best results, especially when recruiting senior or skilled staff and the recruitment process runs smoother. The following benefits come from using a professional recruitment agency:

Time to hire is faster

Many recruitment companies can manage the entire recruitment process in around 5 weeks. Sometimes the perfect candidate is found in just days.

Get Seen

A recruitment agency can help structure the perfect job post and ensure it is seen by the right people in the right places

Access to talent

Recruitment agencies have access to large numbers of potential candidates who have all been vetted. The pool of people a company will have access to includes both active and passive job seekers.

Reduced staff turnover costs

One bad hire can cost a lot of money and takes up a lot of time for management. Using a recruitment agency with experience only suitable candidates will even be introduced to the opportunity thus virtually eliminating the risk of hiring the wrong person.

Access to Temps

Having a temp with the potential to hire full-time is something only a recruitment agency can offer, and this is as good as a try before you buy scenario.