Why Use a Recruitment Agency? Tips for finding new staff

The recruitment process is a hefty yet exciting one; when done right, the process can be rewarding to both the candidate and your business. However, recruiting within the landscaping sector can be tedious, with these roles requiring the right amount of experience, qualifications, and skills. Finding the right candidate is vital.

This is where the many benefits of delegating the responsibility to a recruitment company come into play. Preferably, using a recruitment agency that specialises in the sector of your business is more effective for finding new staff rather than universal recruitment agencies. Here at HL Services, we provide temporary, permanent, or seasonal staff for the landscaping and horticultural industry. Our specialist consultants work with our clients to find the perfect candidate.

What is the main benefit of outsourcing recruitment?

According to Glassdoor, job seekers spend an average of 27 days in an interview process when applying for a job.  Within this time the candidate could be receiving other offers, or even forgetting about the vacancy that they applied for. This could cost you a good candidate. Having experienced recruiters who are quick to action with a verbal interview means the sooner you can see their skills on any applicable trial days, and ultimately experience a faster hiring process.

What should you look for in a recruitment agency?

Firstly, see if the agency specialises in recruitment for your industry, or at least has experience. You will benefit from a more effective and seamless process when you are working with a company that completely understands your requirements.

Here are some other key points:Being a well-spoken recruiter is important!  Phone-Handlers need to have excellent communications skills. Not only do they need to be able to ask the right questions, but they also need to be able to answers questions as well.  Your recruiter could have the perfect candidate for a role, but if the recruiter can’t sell the role, then they can lose the interest of the candidate.  The company and the role need to be well sold to the candidate, so they have a full understanding of whom they are joining and what they will be doing. You want your candidate to believe and follow the same beliefs and policies as your business.

Access to candidates – Things happen and plans changed.

The first-choice candidate might be perfect, but their plans might change, they become unavailable or a logistic/documentation issue may happen. Further down the line, you may recognise that their location is not practically commutable for your business. Having a second option is a backup plan to help you make sure your client picks you to fill the role! One of the benefits of operating with a recruitment company, especially one that specialises in your sector is that their database is filled with many talented individuals that fit your criteria. If there isn’t one within the database, then the recruitment company has enough resources to quickly find another one.

The best candidates aren’t always looking! The best recruitment companies find those who are not actively looking for a new role. Presenting the idea of a new opportunity to a candidate could lead you to find someone with the specific ability, experience or attitude needed within your business. Browsing the world of landscapers can increase the chances of you finding a candidate that will fit the best into your business even if they are currently hired with someone else.

When a candidate is not successful when applying for a role, the recruiters must not forget about them. We make sure we provide feedback to the candidate as it is important to create a positive rapport with the candidate because you never know, you might need this candidate for a future role. They may not want to be hired via your company because they feel like they were dashed after not being successful!

Finding new staff and ensuring that the best candidate is secured is very important to any business. Whoever is hiring for your business needs to be equipped enough to handle the thunderstorm of CVs and the hurdles presented with recruiting new staff.

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