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The Gardener’s New Year Resolutions

The Gardener’s New Year Resolutions

As another year passes and the next one appears it is time for those New Year Resolutions. Perhaps you made some last year and stuck to them and maybe there were some that lasted little more than the first couple of weeks of the year.  As a gardener New Year is a great time to make some resolutions and here are 10 that we can recommend to get you started.

Clear out the garden shed

One of the things that nearly every gardener promises each New Year is to clear out the garden shed or store room. It is amazing what will be found in a good clear out. This is your chance to throw away out of date chemicals and broken tools as well as an opportunity to make a list of what you need to make your garden beautiful all year round.

Plant something different

Every year many gardeners paint the same old flowers and vegetables. The routine may be fine with many but venturing out to grow something different is something that is well worth considering. Growing a new rose or even a type of flower you are not used to can be fun and challenging.

Go Native

One of the biggest themes of gardening in the last few years has been to grow something native. This has many benefits for the garden that helps in general pollination and pest control in some cases. Native plants also look amazing too.

Get the kids involved

Gardening is not a hobby that should die out or be kept for older people. Getting the kids involved in your garden next year is something very special. Not only do you get a chance to do something you enjoy with your kids or grandchildren, but it also helps them grow into a hobby (or future career) they will come to love.

Use your gardening skills to help others

Many gardeners have useful and transferrable skills and there are many places where these skills are needed. Public gardens often need volunteers to help maintain or get gardens ready for show. It may even be that you volunteer your gardening expertise to help in your local churchyard or cemetery. As a gardener you are in demand and making a new Years Resolution to share your expertise and passion will help others and make you feel great too.

Plant a different food stuff

Over the years those gardeners who have grown vegetables have often stuck to the same thing. Be adventurous in the new year and grow something different, maybe some herbs or perhaps an exotic vegetable you can grow in your greenhouse. This will be a fun challenge for the new year.

Splash out on a gardening book

Gardening books are amazing and sometimes quite expensive. However, for those days where you cannot get into your garden a good gardening book is just the thing. The book may teach you something or may just be an enjoyable read, but as a gardener you really deserve a good gardening book.

Grow something big from seed

Many gardeners grow small things from seed such as vegetables and flowers but how many grow something a little bigger? Growing something larger from seed takes patience and a lot of nurturing but the results are outstanding. Try growing a fruit tree from a pip and leave a legacy behind in your garden knowing you planted it from scratch. The reward for this will be something very special.

Show off your garden

Are you proud of your garden?  It is not just large public gardens or the gardens of the big private houses that can go on show, yours can too. Even if it is just put on show to a few friends showing off your garden is very rewarding and gives you something to aim for in the year ahead.

Blog your garden

Your garden is amazing place, things happen daily, and thoughts come into your head. A fun way to document your garden is to blog about it. Sharing your garden online is a fun way to show off your garden, share some tips and tell your stories and it will be very rewarding. Your blog could well become and amazing as your garden.

Go on a gardening holiday

This is something that any avid gardener should do. A gardening holiday that tours gardens in any part of the world is a delightful way to have an enjoyable break away. Exploring other gardens, talking with other gardeners and simply enjoying your own love of gardening is a great way to relax and makes a superb New Year’s Resolution.