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The Truth About Why People are Choosing Recruitment Careers

The Truth About Why People are Choosing Recruitment Careers

There are two things about recruitment careers: What you know and what you think you know.  Unless you have spent time in the industry, you will not know the difference between the two. There are a lot of misconceptions about why people choose a career in recruitment, and there is a short-sighted and sometimes distorted understanding about recruitment agencies and even their ethics.

A career in recruitment is that of a business development executive, it is a balance of farming and hunting, but unlike most sales roles the job has a lot more to it. Recruiters are not just hard sellers with a product to offer; they are expert networkers, intuitive business consultants, visionary marketers, legendary strategists and brilliant problem solvers. Each one of these traits or skills is used each and every day as a recruiter as they deliver an exceptional service to both employers and job seekers.  Recruiters are intelligent and innovative business consultants with sound judgement and a solid understanding of business who possess the best interpersonal skills you will find as they bring people together in mutually beneficial agreements.

The recruitment industry is known to be a lucrative one for those who have the right balance of skills and expertise.  The industry has massive potential for many people and for those with ambition the sky is very much the limit once the role is fully understood.

There are many people who are missing out on a rewarding career in recruitment because they don’t know the real truth about the industry. Here are some truths that need to be resolved:

Truth 1:  It is NOT all about the money

Money is important to anyone in any career, so what makes you think recruitment consultants are only in the job for the money? High earning as a recruiter is not uncommon but if recruiters only focused on the money, they would be penniless. A recruiter has to be a business savvy, people person with dedication, drive and ambition. Empathy is often needed, and it is only through understanding what both employer and job-seeker want that the recruiter has the chance to make a good commission. Recruiters do have a heart, and for the most successful and highly paid recruiters, the joy of seeing someone successfully employed and the joy from building a great relationship with people is the very key to their good pay. So no, recruiters are just in the job for the money, it is not a get rich quick scheme

Truth 2:  Recruiters are experts in their market

Recruiters are more than a salesman and while they may not possess the qualifications their niche or focus industry would require for them to work in it, many actually do or have better educations and backgrounds than one would imagine. Recruiters tend to have a love of knowledge and often have diverse and highly successful careers behind them in many areas of business. The experience makes them experts in their market and when applied makes them career changing masters.

It is not difficult to become an industry expert within recruitment. A willingness and desire to learn as well as be taught is often all that is needed. Being able to keep a conversation going is the strength of a recruiter and building up a bank of knowledge is vital. Throwing out jargon and acronyms is not enough, actually knowing what these mean (often better than the job seekers or businesses worked with) is the real value. Recruiters have a mind full of valuable information that they use to their advantage to make them the expert in the market.

Truth 3 :  Recruitment is one of the most interesting jobs of all

Many people see a recruitment consultant just interviewing people and sending them to companies day in and day out. To a lot of people who have no clue what the job really entails it looks like a boring job asking the same questions to different people all day. Of course, there are targets in place and processes to follow, but the job sees a person attend a variety of networking events, meeting new businesses and even travel in the right roles. The more a recruiter is out there and growing a network of trusted and reliable placements the chances that inbound and referral work growing increase considerably and the joy of the job soon grows as relationships grow.

Truth 4: There is plenty of room for growth

Many people see the recruitment industry filled at the top and thus there is little or no scope for growth. This is a complete lie as almost everyone at the top of the ladder in the recruitment industry started at the bottom.

Getting to the top all depends on you and how you perform. Having the right attitude and being prepared to work hard and remain dedicated, the chances of promotion increase. Being innovative not just productive will open doors and every recruitment agency is looking for future leaders, you could be one of them.

Every recruitment agency puts an emphasis on training, not just recruitment skills but also motivational and soft skills training. The agency wants success, and the way to achieve this is to have the best trained, most motivated and most dedicated employees. Building up skills through training, coaching and mentoring gives every junior consultant the equal chances of reaching the top as the other. Recruitment is a career that has massive promotion opportunities for anyone.

Truth  5: You will use your education to the full

A lot of people see recruitment as a job just anyone can do; this is far from the truth. Recruitment is by far one of the most intellectually challenging roles on earth, and where there is an intellectual challenge there is stimulation and it those who find that enjoyable who succeed.

There is no rule that says a recruitment consultant must have a degree, there are many hugely successful recruiters who left school, and that is about it. However, having a degree does have its uses, and you will be surprised where your education is used to the full.

Recruitment is a job that requires constant problem-solving skills every day. The role is one for bright people with clear thinking and a mind that has vision and doesn’t see challenges and change and hurdles but appreciates them as opportunities.

Truth 6:  Outstanding benefits

Recruitment firms value their staff; they know that there is more to a job than just good money. There are big bonuses available for those who exceed targets and commissions are good for those who stay on track, but recruitment is a career that has some wonderful non-economic benefits. Annual leave allowances are often good as the work is demanding, good pension schemes are often in place, and private health options are nearly always part of the package as employers respect their employees. For some recruiters, there is the opportunity to travel either to meet clients or to attend events. The job is what you make it, and it can be one of the most satisfying and rewarding jobs of all.

In Summary

Knowing the facts about the recruitment industry changes mindsets and allows them to decide for themselves whether the career in recruitment is for them or not. The job is not for everyone but there are many people who are opening up their eyes and seeing the real truth about the industry and making a move to build an amazing career.