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What is GoLandscape?

It is becoming well known that the landscaping industry is facing a severe skills shortage. Awareness about careers in the industry and “branding” of the industry to expose rewarding and sustainable career opportunities has been limited in recent years. In recognition of the challenges facing the vital sector of the economy the British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI) created GoLandscape.
With an aim to bring new talent into the landscaping industry and dispel the myths around the sector, GoLandscape is a valuable platform that is addressing the skills shortage head-on. There are issues with the landscape industry that have turned people away, misconceptions mainly along with poor communication and these too are being addressed.
Career Advice
Clear and inspiring career advice for any sector of the economy is vital the landscaping sector is no different. Working with government and dovetailing with curriculum for the land-based sector that has been established, GoLandscape is linked to the Trailblazer Apprenticeship Standards program. As a powerful voice in the landscape and land-based industry, GoLandscape is a lobbyist at parliamentary level promoting Trailblazer Apprenticeship Standards to ensure they are considered and made recognised qualifications around the country.
The career advice and industry information provided by GoLandscape is presented with real-life stories and actual facts about the industry, the careers within it and the lives of those working ion the sector.

Main objectives of GoLandscape
GoLandscape has established three clear objectives through which the perception of the industry can change and secure, long term jobs can be created.

The first objective is to change the perception of the landscape industry and inspire new applicants to follow a career in commercial or domestic landscaping. Presenting real career choices with a clear and worthwhile career path that is richly rewarding is the foundation of what GoLandscape is about. With an aim to lift the lid off the industry and highlight serious and rewarding career opportunities GoLandscape works closely with individuals and top industry players. At grassroots levels GoLandscape is changing how the landscaping and land-based sectors are perceived while creating a welcoming door for applicants to secure work and climb the career ladder.
Retention of people within the landscaping industry is a major challenge. Working closely with land-based colleges GoLandcape promotes and introduces exciting career opportunities in schools. The profile of the landscaping industry is actively being uplifted and a change of opinion about the sector can be clearly seen. Part of the work of GoLandscape is to encourage colleges and the industry to reconnect and work closer to deliver improved training that will retain students and those employed in the sector through continued skills development.
The skills gap in the landscaping industry is a problem and GoLandscape fights for change in the industry to fill the skills gap and to improve the skills in the sector in general. Working with schools and prominent members of the industry school leavers are inspired to enter the sector. For this to happen skills development and training has to be improved and the fight for this is of key importance to GoLandscape.
GoLandscape is changing the future of the landscaping industry and significant player in creating future, sustainable jobs that reward employees and employers equally.

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