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What is the BALI Chalk Fund?

What is the BALI Chalk Fund?

For those entering the horticultural and especially the landscaping sector getting the right education and training is a top priority. For many just getting access to this education and training is a challenge and very often this challenge is financial. This is where organisations such as the BALI Chalk fund play a vital role. Furthermore, the schools and colleges that need assistance in the provision of training also find tremendous encouragement from the fund.

The BALI Chalk Fund was founded in 1975 with an aim to support education within the landscape industry sector. With the ambition to develop and create work-ready employees, the BALI Chalk fund has helped some of the most deserving students in the industry and these students are now paying things forward. With a board of trustees experienced in the landscaping industry, the fund has implemented many innovative ways to assist students in their landscaping studies.

Since its foundation funding from the BALI chalk fund has been used to fund scholarships for students with aptitude and potential as well as facilitate overseas travel for students to work with and learn from others around the globe. Various prizes and competitions are supported by the BALI Chalk fund and many students have one BALI Chalk Fund sponsored trophies and awards for their achievements. In recent years a landscape industry student enrichment program has been developed and implemented among its various partner colleges and training centres.

The development of industry training materials has also become part of the work of the BALI Chalk fund. Giving broad access to useful teaching aids and materials has become something that has benefited students of all levels developing them into well trained future employees.

With a focus on the landscape industry, the BALI Chalk Fund is a unique organisation that is funded by donations and support from individuals who have benefitted in the past as well and established businesses that have in turn benefited. With a focus on progressive skills development, the BALI Chalk Fund is improving the levels and standards of training and teaching in the Landscape Sector.

Working closely with many active organisations within the Landscape sector and very closely with the GoLandscape initiative established by BALI itself the BALI Chalk Fund is a valuable player in the sustainability of the entire landscape sector. Working in partnership with the needs of current and future students will continue to be met.

Any organisation that partners with the BALI Chalk fund must meet strict criteria and must meet the key objectives laid down by the fund. The BALI Chalk fund is a proactive organisation and its partners are its strength. Various fundraising activities take place throughout the year and donating to the find via its website is very straightforward.