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What is the future of the grounds maintenance industry?

What is the future of the grounds maintenance industry?

Functionality over Aesthetics
As the grounds maintenance industry moves into the future, it becomes concerned with more than just the aesthetics of grounds and gardens. For a long time, grounds maintenance has been about creating and maintaining an appealing look for all sorts of exterior environments, be it college campus’, private gardens or town centres. But increasingly, as with many industries, environmental aspects have overtaken in priority, in terms of necessity, as well as aiming to adhere to government guidelines and targets. Here, we are looking at what the future of the grounds maintenance industry is.

Environmentally Friendly
As the grounds maintenance industry moves forward, it will continue to be committed to making and maintaining attractive environments, however, there will be an increasing focus on the environmental functionality of methods used, as well as the use of the spaces too. More sustainable methods of maintaining grounds will be introduced, such as looking at how to preserve water for example, and to minimise the use of resources in terms of energy use. This applies across the board, from planning and design, gardening, tree surgery, and other forms of landscaping workers.

Environmental Harmony
Nowadays and looking forward, it is no longer just about making concrete areas beautiful – giving residents, workers and visitors something pretty to look at. It is no longer just about planting what looks best acting on every client’s whim. Be it urban landscaping, or rural grounds maintenance, environmental responsibility must be taken on by all, and the use of native plants used more in our everyday environments. It is advocated that plants have used that benefit the environment, the wildlife that is supported by it, and in terms of maintenance, the species are effective. Plants should be able to thrive in their specific environment, with minimal interference and disruption to the surroundings. The environment as a whole is finally being taken into consideration.

For a long time, organics were held in high esteem and using the most natural methods as possible. While this is still a desirable means of working within landscaping, the focus has moved and will continue to do so. into sustainability. When we discuss sustainability, we mean the sustainable functionality of grounds maintenance methods and machinery, as well as species of planting and landscaping materials.

To Summarise

The grounds maintenance industry will focus far more on functionality over aesthetic, with the environment as a whole at the forefront. They will look at more sustainable ways of working, ecologically sound species for planting, and energy efficient ways of working to save on resources, specifically including the conservation of water. As green spaces become even more scarce in urban environments, the focus will be on the functionality of spaces and make the most of the recreational and ornamental landscaping.