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Why The Grounds Maintenance Industry is Finding it Harder To Find Skilled People

Why The Grounds Maintenance Industry is Finding it Harder To Find Skilled People


As a business, you may be finding that it is getting harder to find skilled people in the grounds maintenance industry. This can be a frustrating exercise, searching for grounds maintenance staff with no avail, while unemployment is high and you constantly hear of skilled people out of work. One of the reasons you may be finding difficulty in finding skilled grounds maintenance staff is due to a number of people choosing to train in such an area. With the rise of technology, many young people are opting for a different set of skills altogether when they decide on their training for future employment.

The government have however been talking of overhauling the apprenticeship scheme a lot over the past few years, with small progress being made, and now ground maintenance staff opportunities are seen opening more and more, and it is something that young people are again considering. Due to the shortage of skilled workers in grounds maintenance and horticulture, it has once again made this area an attractive and lucrative career option that people are keen to qualify for.

Grounds maintenance staff are required by all sorts of businesses; from golf courses and public gardens to the outdoor areas of hotels, schools, and other public and private spaces. Whether your business requires a gardener for specialist routine maintenance, full-time grounds maintenance staff, or short term contracts for landscaping work, there are ways in which the right people can be found for the job.

A grounds maintenance staff recruitment service such as HL Services, is one of the most effective and efficient ways of finding skilled grounds maintenance staff, and those that suit your needs and business model. As an experienced grounds maintenance recruitment service, HL Services know how to match you, the client, with the right candidate. We take on board the exact type of gardening staff you are looking for, and supply you with candidates who possess the right skills and experience.

Finding the right type of skilled staff in the grounds maintenance industry is something that goes beyond gardening qualifications. There is little point in hiring a specialist gardener with bad timekeeping and an underwhelming work ethic. This is why finding a good recruitment company to find you skilled groundsmen and check they are up to the job, will, in the long run, save you time, money and effort.

Looking for your own grounds maintenance staff for your business can feel like a minefield at times, with many inexperienced and incompetent people in amongst the more skilled workers. It can be easy for a busy business owner to look in the wrong places and hire the wrong people, but that is where we come in at HL Services. We vet and select only skilled grounds maintenance staff, be them specialist gardeners, grass cutters, turf layers, tree surgeons, or labourers. We only recruit those candidates who are qualified for the job at hand, and we have all sorts of highly skilled grounds staff at our fingertips, so you just need to give us a call and we can do the rest.